The world was created in 2003

Subsidiary company:
Shenzhen public science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen three people Electronic Trade Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen public optical thin film material plant
Hongkong lightning International Co., Ltd.
Suzhou multiplayer photoelectric R & D Center
Wenzhou public connection device Co., Ltd.
Specializes in production, research and development and management: touch screen, led, El, film switch, IMD, IML, capacitive switch and other related production equipment, raw materials and related technology services company.

Shenzhen is the location of the enterprise headquarters
Shenzhen three person electronic trading company mainly engaged in LED, El photoelectric products, LED lighting domestic and foreign trade;
Shenzhen all walks of film material factory, mainly engaged in PET film material surface treatment and processing.
Hongkong Lei Fu Si international is responsible for consulting overseas advanced products.
Suzhou people's optoelectronic materials R & D center is mainly engaged in the research and development of LED phosphors and related inorganic materials.
Wenzhou all line connecting device Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production of connectors for touch screen, film switch, El and automotive industry.
Shenzhen public company is mainly engaged in the development and production of touch-screen, thin film switch, El, and related special equipment of capacitive switch.