corporate culture
The concrete performance of enterprise culture
(1) Honesty: Bai de Cheng is the first and Pepsi is the foundation. Honesty is the core of all walks of life.
(2) gratitude: the dripping water, the Yongquan report, gratitude and gratitude is the principle of all walks of life.
(3) respect: establish a respectful thumb culture, so that everyone feels great and lofty, and feels the meaning of life in the work.
(4) cooperation: two people are benevolent, three people, the structure of the herringbone is mutual support, win win in cooperation is the principle of pedestrians doing things.
(5) sharing: the wisdom of one's greatest wisdom is to share with others, only the thought of sharing is powerful, without sharing, there is no team growth.
(6) innovation: innovation is a new integration of old resources. Innovation is the soul of the development of all walks of life. Keeping pace with the times is the key to continuous innovation